Cybernetic Research Laboratories (CRL) is your single source for contract manufacturing and engineering needs. We can simplify your project while reducing time and cost on system design, prototyping and production.

You need high quality contract manufacturing and engineering at a reasonable low cost, and CRL is ready to help. We work fast and furiously with the expertise you demand and expect. You can count on us for everything, from design and assembly of complete systems to production and machining of complex parts and the design and assembly of specialized cable harnesses and circuit boards. CRL will assist you in meeting your project goals on time and on budget.

Located in Tucson Arizona, CRL has been in business since 1994 serving customers in the commercial and military aerospace, biomedical, optics, and industrial fields. Founded by two software and electrical engineers with strong backgrounds in the aerospace industry, CRL has an edge that sets them apart. Today, the company has grown into a multi-disciplined team of engineers and technicians capable of tackling a wide variety of demanding projects. That commitment ensures you high quality results every time. Mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines are aso well represented. Whether you need system design and assembly, electrical component design and assembly or precision machining of critical components, CRL has the manpower and machinery needed to produce systems and parts that are right the first time.

Think of CRL as your “one-stop shop.” We help you consolidate the number of vendors to simplify your project. With our diversity of experience, wealth of expertise, and extensive array of design manufacturing and inspection equipment, CRL is comfortable designing test equipment and developing prototypes, as well as implementing full production runs. On a daily basis, CRL assembles complex cables and harnesses, produces specialized milled parts, designs and builds test equipment and develops software and circuit boards for prototypes. Cybernetic Research Laboratories’ versatility will serve you well with your multifaceted projects.

CRL performs “cutting edge” work for major corporations and companies of all sizes. Examples of you work include the testing and characterization of fiber-optic sensors for the space shuttle, the design and fabrication of cabin pressure systems for commercial aircraft, specialized gas chromatographs for leak detection, and a neurological testing device that aids in the diagnosis of diabetes and other deseases.

As a single versatile source, CRL will help you reduce time, cost and concern by seamlessly consolidating all aspects of your project.


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